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It may not seem fair to you, but your prospective employer or client will likely check out your fingernails upon your first meeting. A healthy set of fingernails can tell people a lot about you, so it is really important that you always present the very best possible image. By indulging in regular manicures, you can ensure the general health and wellness of your hands and fingernails, as well as present a polished and professional appearance at all times. Believe it or not, this old tradition still holds true today.

Vitamins and Minerals

virus as it may seem, vitamins and minerals are still important in maintaining healthy nails, as well as the overall health of the body. Many sorts of b vitamins can be found in food, but if you are looking for ways to enhance your nail health with vitamins or minerals, it may be wise to take a multi-vitamin. Vitamin B6 is a natural source of vitamin f, and biotin is another member of the vitamin B group. So the two of them can be a great aid in strengthen fingernails.


Like vitamins and minerals, iron is important in promoting the growth of healthy nails. However, as Iron is a natural purifier, nails and hair growth is one of the few areas where deficiency of Iron can occur. If you suffer from slow-growing nails or brittle nails, reducing Iron intake may help you. Be sure to eat meats and iron-rich foods like green leafy vegetables. As much as possible, stick to the basics diet and eat carrots every day for more Vital nutrients.

Wrapping Up Problem Areas

There are at least 2 ways to the problem of nail-biting. The shorter route involves a nail file and an emery board. The longer route involves a professional manicure. You can purchase a nail manicure kit from your local drug store today, that will cost you less than $25. The advantage of the newer manicure products is that they are oil and water-based, and do not require heat like metal files and wood sticks.

As for Prevention, better pens are available in the market that is water friendly. They are also heat resistant, so they will not damage your bed. If you are on a budget, cloth paperings of nails can be used.

Thus, there are several ways taken by many people to solve the problem of nail-biting. However, here are some more tips to help you fight against nail-biting:


As with anything, research is the best way to hold the knowledge in a convenient form. The problem with nail biting, especially for nail biters, is the lack of research. Many people do not bother to research about the medications that cause the enzymes that cause nail biting. There are more than 10 types of medicines that are available in the market.

Only a few of these medications are available in the market. The research done on them only highlight the obvious dangers connected with their intake. Not all sorts of problems are mentioned, like how they can affect the liver, the pancreas and calcium in your body, or how they can affect your nails. One research conducted by the Mayo clinic collection showed that calcium is safe for everyone. However, it is important to note that there are different calcium supplements available in different kinds of establishments, but not all of them are safe. If you are to buy any calcium supplement in an internet store or pharmacy, ensure that the product is of high quality. Also, read all the instructions carefully.

Articles and testimonials

If you do not like to read, then you can just rub your nails together so as to generate the knowledge you are looking for. Some people make use of the dental pirates to do the biting. It may be against your better interest to try this out, though. There are plenty of articles on how to stop nail biting, though. Just type the phrase “manicuring nails” into search engine.

It is also possible to meet your deadlines and targets with the help of time management. Just make sure that you have provided yourself time to finish the requested mission. Some units allow you to set targets and appointments schedule, and even expense. If there is no time to waste, then you should schedule the next appointment for the specified number of days.

Research the different varieties of nail biting, and then try it out. If you are quite skilled, then you can probably continue doing your targets and appointments. But most of us are not, so we should just be safe and take care of our nails. Even if there is no pressure, it is good to take some time off your usual activities.

Try to get some advice from your friends, especially those who are doing it for the first time. See which way of nail biting works best for you. See which approach people find more comfortable.

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